Tuesday, May 02, 2006

ROME.Mano, tracking feeds views and clicks

The ROME.Mano toolbox has a new handler (and pairing servlet), TrackingFeedHandler.

When the tracking handler is in the handler chain it rewrites the feed site URL and the entries link URLs to point to a tracking servlet. Then, when a user clicks on the links from within his/her reader application the tracking servlet logs the click action (plus some user information and the original URL) and redirects the user to the real URL. Pretty much what java.blog does when displaying the feeds, the difference is that this is done in the feed itself when served by Mano.

For some serious use some of the methods in the Tracking handler and servlet should be rewritten.

I've added to the documentation a small section explaining this and one of the examples, at the bottom of the documentation uses this new handler.

More handlers coming soon.


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